****End of 2018****

The end of a beautiful year – 2018

This year has been a year full of ups and downs.

Career-wise and on a personal level, it has been a rollercoaster. But lets focus on the positive.

First thing first, My Boy, Kehaan was born not long ago. It has been pure joy, and a lack of sleep. But can’t be happier that he is healthy and yes, he looks a bit like me! Yeah Boiiiiiii!

It is one of the greatest feeling to be able to hold your child at the end of the day. That feeling disappears very quickly in the middle of the night for feeding.

Anyway, my post here is about the 2018. I have a bad blogger. I haven’t paid much attention to writing and got busy in my bubble. So lets say for 2019, thats gonna change.

I have to be honest, lots of my blog seems very negative. And i am not a negative person. Far from it. I just tend to be able to write more when itsa negative point than a positive point. That has to change. So lets try to make it make 2019 more positive.

For those who are interesting in participating in my blogs. Send me a private message and ill get back to you.


You are my Sonshine

4 years ago you were born. Bam!. You changed my life. Privilege to be your father, my bloodline. Within seconds of holding you for the first time in my arms, i made a vow to try my hardest to be a better man. A man who you could proudly say is your father one day.

I might have gifted you life, but you gifted me a great purpose in life.

My father is a great man. I truly wish i could do a fraction of what he did and achieved against many odds in life. And i will keep my vow to continue working hard to make you proud.

May the forth be with you. Happy birthday Son

Happy Birthday Little Dude

Where is my Tonet? Tonet minuit. You make me happy everydayyyyyyyy ( This is our little song which we are yet to complete)

Our Country’s Airline, Our Pride

Air Mauritius has been under administration for quite some time now. Ever since we have been hearing how badly managed it was and how the government refuse to put more money into the airline to save the employees.

This has always been something that i could never understand. Each political party in power has always privileged their people to be employed by the company.

Since the last decade, the airline had at least 5 CEOs, which means, there has to be a problem within the company for the CEO not lasting or should there be any other factors that makes CEO not last long.

I had friends and family who have been employed by Air Mauritius. Counters, cabin crew or even engineers. No one complaint about the job because it was one of the best paid company in Mauritius. Any one working within the company would have discounted airline tickets, some would even travel for free. Everyone wanted to work for this airline for these reason and to be honest who would complain about these work incentives.

These privileges couldn’t be removed based on our own law. Several years ago, i remember that a CEO tried to remove these incentives and try to get the company back on its feet but it actually was a decision he would regret. Employees turned on him and did not have back of his own staffs.

A sole airline of the country, had all advantages to doing excellent and yet failed to do so. That was poor management indeed by the management and the Government.

My last trip, i travelled with Air Mauritius and to reach my destination, i flew with Indigo, small airline based in India. The food was a lot better than Air Mauritius, the cabin crews were excellent, the planes were excellent compared to a big airline like Air Mauritius.

If any private company acquired Air Mauritius, let say MCB Group, i bet within a few of years, the company would start making profit. MCB excelled in customer service, quality of service and i bet any MCB customer, whether you are a millionaire or have a couple of thousand rupees in your account. you do feel taken care of. There is no doubt that, you are being charged for that service of course or their interest are worse compared to other banks, they still do a lot better than any other banks in Mauritius.

We have the State Bank Of Mauritius is one of the other companies, which i sense would get into trouble soon. Cargo handling Corporation has been having the same tendencies of Air Mauritius. These mentioned companies are mostly state owned companies and they do have the same tendencies. Well I hope i am wrong but its a comparison though not to make.

The False Truth

We have all been seeing how social media is now one of the most if not the most powerful weapon for the society.

Individuals tend to believe what they see in the media but does the media tends to show the truth? Can the truth be altered on social media? These are the questions we got to ask ourselves.

In Mauritius, politics has for the last few years been using social media to influence individuals. But can this use of social media be proved to be dangerous? Can it be a powerful weapon to defeat the truth? We have seen recently a lawyer who has been in the limelight the last few months. It was broadcasted live that he was taken to custody by the police at 2 am for a minor alleged offence.
Now the police said, the lawyer, specifically asked to provide a statement at that time, taken into consideration that he is a public figure. On the other side, the lawyer said he had no idea of that, and the police came to his residence at that time and took him in for questioning.

Which is the truth? Can we agree that both can be can obviously be distorted? How can you know the truth when both parties are claiming telling the truth?


Since less than a week, Association for Population and Development (APD), are running a shelter. A shelter for a girls who have been sexually abused from age 20 days old to 17 years old. Yes you read right. And i have been given a wake up call ever since i first set foot in this shelter.

We are all aware that a lot of girls are sexually abused at a very young age. However, its a different scenario when you interact with these kids. These kids have not been fortunate enough to have the warmth of family and friends. They, instead have been traumatised at an early age.

Children physically impaired, victims of atrocious sexual abuse and rape, with emotional imbalance coming from deprived areas come to this shelter looking to get away from their unstable situations. Some do not know their parents, some have been thrown away from their home and raped by close relatives and have been pushed into child prostitution. These children need support and assistance!

I would appreciate if you could support ‘our’ children and provide any assistance that you deem appropriate. If you know any firm, individual or company who could sponsor our shelter in any manner, please refer to us. If you would like to contribute in any manner, in kind,or voluntary services or you know anyone or company that would be willing to assist, please let me know. We need counselors, psychologists, medical practitioners, educators and other professionals who are willing to spend some of their time with these children on a voluntary basis. These children are in desperate conditions and your presence could relieve them from the suffering and trauma they endured, very often by those whom they trusted and who are supposed to protect them! You would be surprised to know how these young children are gifted in so many ways.

Please get in touch with me through any platform available to you.


Recently, following the Covid pandemic, things were finally starting to get back to normal.

Until you hear all over the new that a big carrier vessel got stuck in our lagoon down the south. Few days later, BOOM, that carrier is now spilling tons of oil in our lagoon. Tragic!

However, having a bit of knowledge in the field, a carrier is equipped with the latest equipment. Mandatory of course, the vessel is supposed to be aware the depth of water, the waves etc. How can an oil carrier vessel be wreck in our lagoon?! I find that intriguing to be honest.

The now sinking vessel is spilling tons of oil and i can proudly say that my country is filled with true patriots. No time wasters, they found several solutions to minimise damage. And i am indeed proud how everyone took things in their own hands and tried to give a helping hand.

Unfortunately, not one politician can be seen involved in this. Most of them went for a ‘site visit’ and nothing constructive was made out of it except the photos that went viral across the net

Enough of negativity, but i can honestly be proud how my fellow countrymen are doing their best to sort things out. And to that, i wish them good luck, and Bon Courage. Allez Moris.

The Wakashio disaster

Dhaka 2020

Its been so long that i felt the urge to write on my blog about something. It has been all routine for a while and visited place/countries i visited dozens of times. However, travelling to Dhaka gave me ‘that’ urge to write about it.

Muslim Country is a must to be mentioned. Bangladesh has a population of nearly 9 millions just in Dhaka over a total of around 165 millions of Bangladesh. The City is hectic in itself. Just reaching at the airport has been overwhelming. The first impression of the Dhaka at the airport is the feeling of reaching a very basic, abandoned Government social hall in Mauritius. It is huge and also a quite dusty. But I could not miss the fact that i have just stepped in an Islamic country.

The last Islamic country i have visited is United Arab Emirates. But nothing is more obvious than stepping in in a third world country, where poverty is alarming, where people do anything for money, including ripping you off as much as they can.

Things that you will see here and where it is non existent or rarely seen are:

  • Guys peeing on the road. Lungi up, and they just sit facing a wall and pee. Yes! Sit!
  • Rickshaws. Its practical and cheap. When you can be stuck for hours in traffic, you just take a rickshaw and off you go.
  • Bargaining. For anything in any shops, except the ones where it is written in bold ‘NO BARGAINING’, you can bargain your price out of any product.
  • Road. Actually we are lucky to be have good roads in our country. Here the roads are most made of tar, but that was done decades ago, therefore you can imagine how bad it is. The Government has even started building road made of bricks. It’s the next best alternative to a cheap solution.
  • Before, because of the very dense population in Dhaka, there were a lot of beggars. As you must have seen in Slumdog Millionaire, these beggars are actually employees of the Mafia. They would cut your arm/s or leg/s or remove your eye, so that people feel for you, resulting in getting more money. The Government has recently taken a step into eradicating beggars by warning the public not to help beggars. Therefore beggars are less but it has obviously increase the crime rate.
  • One thing that i still need to get used to are prayers. Being an islamic country, prayer time is always every 2-3hours. What i haven’t gotten used to, is the loudness. There is a speaker in every street!
  • One of the most annoying thing which is very normal here is that people would spit anywhere. Being quite a sensitive person in terms of hygiene, its something that would take me a lot of time to get used to it or probably never will.
  • In any country, when you get in a shop, the sales person greets you and you greet back. Here, the sales person greet and people act like they own the freaking shop themselves. I tried our way actually, and people just take you for granted. No one actually put much importance in you except if you show some kind of attitude.

I has been maybe 10 years since i came here last time, the only thing that changed was that internet is available. Apart from that, not much has changed. Probably a bunch of people are a bit more opened compared to my last visit but it is still a very well closed and conservative country compared to India, which is might be the closest you can get in terms of comparing.

Dhaka 2020

This is the place where you learn about poverty


2019 has been a year full of obstacle and joy on both the profession and personal part of my life.

What to expect from 2020?

Well let’s start from Politics. Now that the election fever went down. It does not look any promising. Personally i have given the newly elected some breathing space since but now its not already not looking promising. Let’s hope that changes.


We are now living in a world where people are more focused on money than anything else. The whole customer service system has improved over the years but we still havent reached the standard we are supposed to be at.

When you go to a shop or anywhere,to purchase something, they will aim at just getting your money in the counter first and unfortunately what follows after that, is not relevant to them. Whether they work on commission or not, people do not tend to give a damn that the customer becomes faithful to you or not or is at least satisfied with your service.

People want to work for getting their salaries but not to improve or to achieve something. There has been a saying for as long as i can remember, ‘Vivre kuman Creole’ which is degrading and racist but what it meant was that live for today and not worry about tomorrow. Growing up hearing this and now when i hear it, i laugh. Why? Well simply because back in the day, Blacks or if you want to read it ‘politically correct’ term in Mauritius, Christians, they were poor. So they were living for today for the obvious reason that they did not know what would happen tomorrow. So there was no planning. However, the same group of people, have now evolved more than a lot than other communities and are achieving excellence. So not only the saying is now obsolete but it mostly applies to a lot of people of different communities these days.
I recently posted a job on my page and profile. Amazing how people do not even read but focus the point where the salary is mentioned.

This is what was posted:

Wanted: Childcarers for a shelter. 
Min qualification is SC with proven good character. 
Previous experience and training would be an advantage. 
Salary:Rs 18,000 monthly.
Kindly inbox me for more info

The following are the comments i received from my post:

Details plz
Salary include transport?
xxx xxx interested. Call me!

I mean i understand it was posted on social networks and you are probably sending these through your phone but at least one has to, at least make an effort in commenting or call or message correctly. I would definitely never hire none of these people. Writing a message giving the employer more information and asking for information properly. Hundreds of messages where like the above. When will we learn? When will we take responsibility of our life and not expect to have a job because you are just unemployed. We are expecting too much. To be brief, nowadays, We grow up looking for free education, free health care, be employed just because its the duty of the Government to do so.
Sick, you want the best treatment. You want to have money to stay at home because you are sick. You want allowance for having kids. It rains your house is flooded, you expect to be provided a new place to live. This is unfortunately, the state of mind of many who will never be happy for what they have.

I recently opened a workshop, took a gamble on that but i hope it will work.
Amazingly i was getting a lot of response from people but a lot of them amazed me. At the beginning i was doing a launching sales. Which means, very small profit margin, in my case, almost a loss, but i was trying to get the attention of people into the new service i was providing. 2 months after the sales, i received a few customers but most people just ignored that. Sales over, i advertised with normal price. I got more response than i did in a week than i did during the 2 months sales. Why? Well in my opinion, people think when the price is high the product or service is better. My sales price was Rs 4,300 and my normal price was Rs 6,300.

We are downgrading as people. My office used to be in a building where there was a call centre. The guys, who worked there, were getting Rs 18,000 to Rs 22,000 monthly. Every morning, taking the elevator to head to my office, i would see, almost all of them, holding an Iphone. You get a job, earning Rs20,000 per month and the first thing you buy is a Rs50,000 phone. This is where we are heading and that’s the sad reality unfortunately.



Hard work pays off?

A lot of things has been going through my mind recently but unfortunately, it has not been easy to find the right balance in terms of personal time (thats when i write stuffs), family time and work.

Work has been to be honest a rough patch recently. A new investment with a very good prospective but it takes time to kick off. In the mean time, i found myself trying to do everything all the time.

Finding a good staff to give me a hand is impossible. Theres one thing which i did realise for quite some time now, is that, most entrepreneurs are moaning about. First you have the minimum wage which is already high. Then you have something called ‘The Attitude’. You will find it perhaps weird or perhaps spot on, that people moan a lot about being ‘poor’, not having money or trying to find a job, but to the amazement, there are a lot of jobs available. Some companies are willing to give above the minimum wage but the one thing that one has to do to get that job is to actually work hard.

We have flourished in my aspects in our lives, but so many people have not understood the value of actually working hard.

Stating that, sometimes i wonder why we spend our life working building a future for the next generation but end up spending less time with our loved ones. Is it worth it?

Election 2019

What will you vote?

I think the election has to be changed. No more rallying for weeks. No more public speech with very offensive words. Instead of wasting money on flags and banners, why do we not start behaving like developing countries and reaching for a safer and eco friendly environment for election.

In my opinion, the red party would go for revenge if they win, and the orange party will get more and more corrupted. I say vote for change. Vote for people who can bring change in the ways of thinking. We are still backwards in so many ways. Some of them have a good way of thinking. But some of them are just weird. People you wouldn’t trust giving them your house keys why trust them by giving them the keys to our gorgeous island.

Election day is tomorrow. Give CHANGE A CHANCE.

My Religion

This time i wanted to write about religion, specifically my religion.

Born and bred in hinduism, from a very young age i loved praying and had no issues with fasting. Afterall, vegetarian for a few days would not bother me at all. As i grew up, my belief was intact until i came back for good in Mauritius after my studies.

Coming back from studies in the United kingdom, it was difficult to adapt. I spent most of my early adult life, in a country where almost everyone was atheist and surrounded by friends who were too. But once i came back, it was fasting after fasting, praying. I didn’t mind. I was getting back to my roots, to my culture and was loving it at first.

Then after a couple months, i was struggling to get a job. Bare in mind that i was one of the most qualified person in my field. I was specialised in Advertising and Digital Media and it was just about to hit Mauritius, where i would think, it wouldn’t be difficult to get a job where, the industry is now evolving in the country. I struggle for months with endless interviews but not landing one single job. My family was supportive actually but what hit me the most was that everyone kept saying you will be fine, you just have to pray and leave it all in God’s hands! And i did so for 8 months. I gave up. I was even planning on going back or applying for jobs abroad.

In the end, i settle for a job in Mauritius with not a good salary but at least i was getting out there and that i was the time i stopped praying. I realised that, for over a year, i spent time praying and fasting but nothing happened. I was not doing anything wrong. i was striving to achieve something but would not catch a break. My parents were furious, after-all they are the conservative hindu, who will celebrate everything.

I then realised that why do we pray? we live normally, eating meat, chicken, fish and eggs daily but we deprive ourselves from that for a few days and pray. We do not drink alcohol where in normal days, a bottle of wine would be the most welcome during dinner. So why do we stop all that for a few days and get back to the same old afterwards?

I was working with a guy after a while, he was muslim and very much religious. He was smart. Smart as in he would, treat you as a King while sucking your money out of you. He would backstab people, he would give false promises to customers, every dirty trick in the book. However, ever since i known him, he would never miss Jumma on Fridays. The Friday morning, he would be the calmest, the friendliest person and in the afternoon, he would be back at his dirty tricks. The guy lived like a Prince. This was my real eye opener. It was then that i realised that most people trick themself into believing that they were good people while they pray.

I am not a bad person nor a good person. I do bad things. I do bad things which i get satisfaction out of it. I drink alcohol sometimes, i smoke cigarettes, which are bad things but does not harm anyone apart from me. I lie. Which is always a bad thing but i would never lie to cause someone trouble. I lie for my own benefit. We all do that. That means we are normal people. Then why should be behave differently just because we are fasting.

The guy who kills, cheats, lie and caused harm to others are normally the guy who lives his lie well. We can all say that they will pay for that at some point. But don’t we all?

I respect God or more like in a higher power. There are things which are inexplicable to human nature and can only be defined as an action of God. But It does not mean that we should trick ourselves in behaving a different way only during prayers. We are here live, by trying not causing any harm to others, by living in peace, by respecting everyone. I will teach my child, to live that way, the right way.

The guy who kills, cheats, lie and caused harm to others are normally the guy who lives his lie well. We can all say that they will pay for that at some point. But don’t we all?


My Religion

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