Malthusian Theory

Recently there was big debate on the recent action by the Government of Mauritius to exterminate thousands of bats. The debate was that it was inhuman to kill the bat even though it was very much of a nuisance to Farmers.

How it started, in bref, was that many were discouraged with cultivating fruits especially during the end of the year where all the fruits like mango and lychees were almost up for grabs. Unfortunately, it attracts several animals feeding off them. Subsequently the Government acted by killing off thousands of bats so that the farmers to not face this ‘nuisance’ and can continue their daily job.

Killing off or exterminate are aggressive words but the right words in this context.

High unemployment or static ,if i might say, economic growth of Mauritius are the main issues that our generation and future generation. We face the problem of depreciation of the currency and therefore our purchasing power decreases.

If the bat problem could have been tackled in any other way, i would be all for it. However, the barbaric manner of shooting thousand of them was probably the last resort. If it was not tackled soon, we would have the issue of people going to extremes to get rid of them, or a substantial increase in prices of fruits around Mauritius and even to countries where we export them. We would have farmers discourage in farming these fruits, giving another burden to the society and to the government.

Please bare in mind, i am NOT affiliate to any political party. Neither support any party. I support growth. We all know that each and every political party are alike.

Some of you must wonder why the Malthusian Theory. Well here we are. My father mentioned it a while ago and i actually did some research on it. Malthusianism is basically about the control of population growth. Well we have not reach the level where we need to control our population in Mauritius, but i am talking more of a global aspect towards animals. Realistically, if we do not control animal or inspect living in our planet, they would outgrow humans. If not, well, its gonna be like planet of the apes except its not going to be any apes but every animal that can harm us.

Alright, i went a bit cinematographic on this one. But its something we should be aware of. malthus_graph

I am an animal lover, i love everything about them. But i am also human, which means, i look for the best for the humans. I am against cruelty of animal as we all seen in the viral video of people harming them. But i am for control. ❤


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