A legal or illegal Spliff !

The question is should Cannabis be legalised or criminalised.

At the moment the ‘Rastas’ are using media (mostly social media) to express their anger on the fact that the Cannabis is still illegal. The Prime minister maintains that the legalisation of cannabis will not be happening under his leadership (I bet during the next election, the other parties shall be going for the legalisation to get votes)

Lets see for the Pros and Cons for the legalisation of Cannabis


  • If it is legal and taxable, it have  financially a positive effect  for the Government’s earning.
  • It will decrease or if not probably, eradicate the consumption of synthetic products. (if growing your own tree is legal)
  • Quality and Quantity control for consumption. (If it becomes a commercial product of course)
  • Can implement standard of production (Commercial product)


  • There is no control over amount of consumption. (Can lead to health issues- If you can grown it yourself)
  •  Will Mauritius be a smaller version of the dutch land! (Can we expect a red light district as well?)
  • No quality and quantity control or to regulate standard of production (if you grow it yourself)

I might have missed a few pros and cons (feel free to include in comments).

I for one is against the legalisation of Cannabis. Why? let me explain. I like Mauritius as it is. Meaning the country as a whole. Legalising it would affect the society as lets not forget, it is still a drug. I experienced close ones being addicted to it and it is not pretty sight. I have seen how it makes you switch from reality to your own fairy land. The Rastafarians says that it is a natural plant and it should be legal as it is a plant. But the impacts of legalising it too risky for the society.

There are ways that both parties can come to a agreement. Legalise it but make it commercial. That is, You, as an adult can buy it from a store where it has been cultivated under standards and without pesticides or chemical and you can buy a certain quantity per month and you cannot consume it in public places.




Published by Ken Jooseery

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