Aret Kokin Nou Laplaz

One of the headline for the past week or so has been the election which is more or less the same drama that we have been getting for the last 2 years. One article that came out that was interesting was the fact that a few people from the NGO Area kookie nou laplaz got into an argument with a group of comfy looking South African picnicking on the beach.

So the argument started when the foreigners tried to kick out the NGOs for going on a beach with was a private property.

The Fact that the South African were rude by fending off the NGOs shows that as a business person, they have no tact. Second, We know how South Africans in Mauritius are. They come to Mauritius, buy a property and get the residence here, and behave as if they are superior to the Locals. Personally, i think 90% of the South African residing in Mauritius are too arrogant for their own good. We all saw how they took over some parts of our island. Tamarin, Black River and now the North of the island is getting more South Africanised. But i am personally not against the fact that they come to invest in Mauritius as we know, We need investment. But i am against the fact that they are so arrogant about it. Fleeding their country for obvious reasons, does not mean that they are not welcomed in Mauritius. Its about respect that you show to the country that you are living in. Its about adapting to the culture not making your own, its about being friendly as Mauritians are. In that article, the video shows that they were nothing but arrogant. I mean there is nothing on the beach, they havent even started construction but fended off the local NGOs.

The one thing i didn’t agree with the NGOs was that they went down to their level of arrogance and instigate more arguments with them over and over again. And what the hell did they mention sugar cane fields for investment for hotel. Why would any investors do that? That bit did not make sense to me though.

I have been trying to figure out exactly what these South Africans have been saying but i guess it was too windy to even hear them.

Here is the link to the video anyway.


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