Weird things i ate while traveling the last couple of weeks 

  • Crocodile 
  • Bat 
  • Snake
  • Magic mushrooms, yes! The ones that get you high
  • Live crabs
  • Live sea cucumber (barbara for some)
  • Bird. A tiny bird, roasted!
  • Weirdest amongst all was the Penis fish. It looks like a pink, skinless penis shaped like fish. Well they call it fish but its just some sort of worm i guess. Nothing similar compared to mine. Mine is called Stallion for a reason!

Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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