Family has always been my priority. No matter how busy i am, i always try to find time for them. If its not once a week, i make it a must to call or to send a whatsapp by sharing  a couple of pictures or a little joke.

I used to get mad at my uncle who sends me jokes every week or like funny videos which are most of the time not funny. But then i realised that maybe its a way of keeping in touch. I mean what do i have to say to my uncle if i had to call or send him a message. I won’t be conversation rather a brief of my day or week. So why can’t the funny videos or messages that he forwards me can’t be a way that we are in touch.

I now realise that, it does not matter how but being in touch with family and friends in any way is being in touch. if its by sharing a joke then be it.

We have started living in a world where social media provided us an easier way to keep in touch with our friend and family even when they were miles away. But as humans we misuse it. We over do it as usual.

Social media is a marvellous tool. Use it rightly.


Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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