Famous on Facebook much?!

downloadHave you ever noticed that any Girl/Woman, active on Facebook get a tons of likes and comment on their pictures. So i stood back and followed their posts. Pretty easy as they are addicted to posting a picture of everything on a daily basis. So there are some of these dimwit.

  • First chick was a lady. Probably in her near 30s has a boyfriend who is white apparently. So at first she started sharing pictures of her and her boyfriend, which was cute. Then she started with selfies of herself. Obviously we are talking about over 100s likes. Then she started with the live videos of her getting her hair done (very stupid and boring). She was using it as a mirror when she had a big as wardrobe and a big freaking mirror just behind her. She did that a few times and then started putting music on and will occasionally dance a few steps while doing the hair of course. It was boring but one funny thing is that she had a kid. So while doing so, you could see behind her that the little kid of about 2-3 years old, wondering around, touching everything. She didn’t pay the least attention to the baby unless something was dropped by the kid. The next live session was on instagram. It’s ON! Lady graceful started the live by doing her hair. Then choosing a song. She stood up and started dancing which was weird because, she was good. She was practising dancing and the live was just about hair, dance, kid wondering around. It got weirder when she posted a status asking how to get a credit card so that she can promote her page! It was funny but so weird.
  • Second girl. Now this one is interesting. At first I thought she was famous of something. So i followed her on instagram then got on my suggestions as friends. I forgot the reason i followed her on instagram and actually thought it was a friend of mine, baring the same name obviously. This one knew she was pretty girl and would mostly post pic of herself around a swimming pool or in a luxurious car. She seemed coming from a relatively wealthy family, classy. So this is what struck in my mind. About a week ago, the LGBT thing started and the controversy of the LGBT in Port louis was all around the internet. She posted a status, which is very out of the ordinary from her. Normally, while scrolling, i would see her picture and keep scrolling. But that status was an interesting one. It was something like “if a guy is gay, which toilet should he use?” So she got my attention. I decided to check out her profile. This is what appears just below her profile: “I don’t accept friend requests from homosexuals&fake accounts. And I’m not sorry about that… 😂😂😂”. Then i realised that according to her posts, she is trying to look rich and classy. But it’s not the case. she would share jokes that are demeaning. She would change her profile every now and then and restrict past posts and pictures. She is here ( on Facebook) just for the likes and the comments to make her feel better in some ways. 
  • Thirdly. We have the one girl, who is the popular kind on Facebook. She never wrote a single status but shares every now and then the videos about luxurious houses and cars but every single day, she would post a selfie of her. She has a boyfriend and from what she writes, madly in love. She would wear a quite revealing dress or a top, always with a cleavage. Got my attention again! Then i realised that this girl works at the same building where my office is located and crossed paths a couple of times. SHE DOES NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE SHE DOES ON FACEBOOK! Second i realised that the cleavage and revealing clothes, were her putting an arm under boobs and pushing it upwards! That’s the Wonder-bra closest rival right here!

The thing is, i never paid much attention to the number of likes on any of the post. I share funny stuffs, a photo or selfie once a while and never put anything personal on my account. We all have at least 50% on our friend list that just post everything they do on Facebook or Instagram. This is what most of us objectives are. Popularity and being famous on Facebook. If you are getting money out of it, like some of my friends are, then fair enough. But being famous or popular on Facebook or any social network is like being rich with monopoly money. You can do whatever you want with your money only in Monopoly but out in the real world, you are absolutely nothing.

Ladies, have some respect, not everyone need to see you boobs or ass on Facebook. Keep that for you man or men! Guys! You guys are just horny retards. I mean look at your comments. Who does that?! Every gone on Pornhub and watch the comments on a video?? i mean who does that???!


Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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