Incoming Baby

Well as most of you might not know, my wife is expecting and the good news is that my thing works fine as a baby maker as well.

Ever since my close friends found out that i was going to be a father, i had some tips from the ones who were already dads. And there were some weird ones.

But i wanted to give out some tips out from my own experience before and during pregnancy.

First of all my wife and i have been preparing for it for a while. I am a planner. That is, i try to plan for everything. Its weird but thats how i go about everyday. But my wife is not at all a planner. She waits for the last moment to get anything done. Somehow, she managed to prepare for the pregnancy and child before she was too ‘fat’ to even walk. Well we both did but she made most of the decisions on what to buy etc.

While planning to get pregnant, we even started buying things for the baby. YES! We had a baby crib without being pregnant. It was one of the best things to do. We basically had everything prepared so that i didn’t have to spend one huge amount for baby stuffs at once. We got the baby crib, car seat, stroller, cupboards, painted the room, etc. So by the time she was 3 months pregnant, we had already bought the major stuffs in a unisex manner.  And trust me, baby things are expensive. Try to shop around.

There are literally 2 major shops for our convenience. Orchestra and Ah Ling. Orchestra has the brands, the ‘latest’ stuffs. Ah ling is more of the basic stuffs. Few things i bought and thought that would be of relief and was indeed. Is the biberon maker. Yes. Theres is a little machine that you pour the specific amount of water on top, put the milk powder and the bottled milk is at the perfect temperature to feed the baby. And thats all in a matter of seconds. (3 seconds) It helps a lot when you have to do the milk at night and is walking around like a zombie. Where its even tough to count to 3. So its worth the Rs 3,000 (approx) to spend on that.

Steriliser for bottles. I got one for around Rs2,500 which could be used both with electricity and could be microwaved as well. And its big as well. So one can sterilise around 6 little bottle at once. Takes 12 minutes exactly.

Car seat is compulsory for me. When I drive, i see a lot of weirdos on the road. Weird that most of these cars have ‘Royos’. or ‘fearless’ on the back. I saw one today which says Even the fearless fear!’ Thats just dumb.  Aaannyyywayy. If ever a car hits or bumps into urs, you know that your child is protected the best way possible. I even installed a dash cam!!!

The last thing that i would suggest Dads or Fathers to be is to try to spend as much time possible with your kid. You wouldn’t want to let it all on the mother. It affects her and the baby in a lot of ways. Even when you spend time with your kid, you feel the connection. Which will only tighten with time. Mums try to be protective a lot even from the fathers. They feel like they are the only ones who knows the baby. True but my response is “It’s my baby too and am the Father.”

Having a baby is one hell of a step forward in life. I was amazed when i saw my baby for the first time. Like ‘This came from my Sperm!’ amazed. You start seeing common things that you and the baby share. For now, I share the farting and burping abilities with my baby. But still its a similarity that i found. So let’s Fart and Burp together!!


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Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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