****End of 2018****

The end of a beautiful year – 2018

This year has been a year full of ups and downs.

Career-wise and on a personal level, it has been a rollercoaster. But lets focus on the positive.

First thing first, My Boy, Kehaan was born not long ago. It has been pure joy, and a lack of sleep. But can’t be happier that he is healthy and yes, he looks a bit like me! Yeah Boiiiiiii!

It is one of the greatest feeling to be able to hold your child at the end of the day. That feeling disappears very quickly in the middle of the night for feeding.

Anyway, my post here is about the 2018. I have a bad blogger. I haven’t paid much attention to writing and got busy in my bubble. So lets say for 2019, thats gonna change.

I have to be honest, lots of my blog seems very negative. And i am not a negative person. Far from it. I just tend to be able to write more when itsa negative point than a positive point. That has to change. So lets try to make it make 2019 more positive.

For those who are interesting in participating in my blogs. Send me a private message and ill get back to you.


Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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