2019 has been a year full of obstacle and joy on both the profession and personal part of my life.

What to expect from 2020?

Well let’s start from Politics. Now that the election fever went down. It does not look any promising. Personally i have given the newly elected some breathing space since but now its not already not looking promising. Let’s hope that changes.


We are now living in a world where people are more focused on money than anything else. The whole customer service system has improved over the years but we still havent reached the standard we are supposed to be at.

When you go to a shop or anywhere,to purchase something, they will aim at just getting your money in the counter first and unfortunately what follows after that, is not relevant to them. Whether they work on commission or not, people do not tend to give a damn that the customer becomes faithful to you or not or is at least satisfied with your service.

People want to work for getting their salaries but not to improve or to achieve something. There has been a saying for as long as i can remember, ‘Vivre kuman Creole’ which is degrading and racist but what it meant was that live for today and not worry about tomorrow. Growing up hearing this and now when i hear it, i laugh. Why? Well simply because back in the day, Blacks or if you want to read it ‘politically correct’ term in Mauritius, Christians, they were poor. So they were living for today for the obvious reason that they did not know what would happen tomorrow. So there was no planning. However, the same group of people, have now evolved more than a lot than other communities and are achieving excellence. So not only the saying is now obsolete but it mostly applies to a lot of people of different communities these days.
I recently posted a job on my page and profile. Amazing how people do not even read but focus the point where the salary is mentioned.

This is what was posted:

Wanted: Childcarers for a shelter. 
Min qualification is SC with proven good character. 
Previous experience and training would be an advantage. 
Salary:Rs 18,000 monthly.
Kindly inbox me for more info

The following are the comments i received from my post:

Details plz
Salary include transport?
xxx xxx interested. Call me!

I mean i understand it was posted on social networks and you are probably sending these through your phone but at least one has to, at least make an effort in commenting or call or message correctly. I would definitely never hire none of these people. Writing a message giving the employer more information and asking for information properly. Hundreds of messages where like the above. When will we learn? When will we take responsibility of our life and not expect to have a job because you are just unemployed. We are expecting too much. To be brief, nowadays, We grow up looking for free education, free health care, be employed just because its the duty of the Government to do so.
Sick, you want the best treatment. You want to have money to stay at home because you are sick. You want allowance for having kids. It rains your house is flooded, you expect to be provided a new place to live. This is unfortunately, the state of mind of many who will never be happy for what they have.

I recently opened a workshop, took a gamble on that but i hope it will work.
Amazingly i was getting a lot of response from people but a lot of them amazed me. At the beginning i was doing a launching sales. Which means, very small profit margin, in my case, almost a loss, but i was trying to get the attention of people into the new service i was providing. 2 months after the sales, i received a few customers but most people just ignored that. Sales over, i advertised with normal price. I got more response than i did in a week than i did during the 2 months sales. Why? Well in my opinion, people think when the price is high the product or service is better. My sales price was Rs 4,300 and my normal price was Rs 6,300.

We are downgrading as people. My office used to be in a building where there was a call centre. The guys, who worked there, were getting Rs 18,000 to Rs 22,000 monthly. Every morning, taking the elevator to head to my office, i would see, almost all of them, holding an Iphone. You get a job, earning Rs20,000 per month and the first thing you buy is a Rs50,000 phone. This is where we are heading and that’s the sad reality unfortunately.



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Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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