Our Country’s Airline, Our Pride

Air Mauritius has been under administration for quite some time now. Ever since we have been hearing how badly managed it was and how the government refuse to put more money into the airline to save the employees.

This has always been something that i could never understand. Each political party in power has always privileged their people to be employed by the company.

Since the last decade, the airline had at least 5 CEOs, which means, there has to be a problem within the company for the CEO not lasting or should there be any other factors that makes CEO not last long.

I had friends and family who have been employed by Air Mauritius. Counters, cabin crew or even engineers. No one complaint about the job because it was one of the best paid company in Mauritius. Any one working within the company would have discounted airline tickets, some would even travel for free. Everyone wanted to work for this airline for these reason and to be honest who would complain about these work incentives.

These privileges couldn’t be removed based on our own law. Several years ago, i remember that a CEO tried to remove these incentives and try to get the company back on its feet but it actually was a decision he would regret. Employees turned on him and did not have back of his own staffs.

A sole airline of the country, had all advantages to doing excellent and yet failed to do so. That was poor management indeed by the management and the Government.

My last trip, i travelled with Air Mauritius and to reach my destination, i flew with Indigo, small airline based in India. The food was a lot better than Air Mauritius, the cabin crews were excellent, the planes were excellent compared to a big airline like Air Mauritius.

If any private company acquired Air Mauritius, let say MCB Group, i bet within a few of years, the company would start making profit. MCB excelled in customer service, quality of service and i bet any MCB customer, whether you are a millionaire or have a couple of thousand rupees in your account. you do feel taken care of. There is no doubt that, you are being charged for that service of course or their interest are worse compared to other banks, they still do a lot better than any other banks in Mauritius.

We have the State Bank Of Mauritius is one of the other companies, which i sense would get into trouble soon. Cargo handling Corporation has been having the same tendencies of Air Mauritius. These mentioned companies are mostly state owned companies and they do have the same tendencies. Well I hope i am wrong but its a comparison though not to make.


Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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