People’s Republic

Its been quite a while since the last time i wrote here. Time flies. It’s a pretty robotic life we have right here, if you think about it.  Well before i get any more philosophical, i wanted to write about a country i have been visiting for some time now. China. I have tried toContinue reading “People’s Republic”

A legal or illegal Spliff !

The question is should Cannabis be legalised or criminalised. At the moment the ‘Rastas’ are using media (mostly social media) to express their anger on the fact that the Cannabis is still illegal. The Prime minister maintains that the legalisation of cannabis will not be happening under his leadership (I bet during the next election,Continue reading “A legal or illegal Spliff !”

Always be Grateful for what we have

  It has been 5 years now that i have been permanently back to the Mother Land, Mauritius. There has been ups and downs, but all of it are experiences i have cherished and obviously learnt from. I remember one specific moment which i would love to share. One of my passion is photography. Obviously,Continue reading “Always be Grateful for what we have”