Family = Responsibilities = Scary

As a proud Mauritian and a Hindu, we grew up in a society and mould into a culture to respect our elders. Its tatooed on us, that that elders are always here to guide us and in return we have to be respectful. In my family, we greet (Namasté or Pranaam) and kiss (cheeks of course) our elders.

But have you ever thought that how will you be able to support your parents or grand parents when you are required to step up? How are you supposed to be able to provide financially to your family?

Although it is with great pride that the older one gets, the more he/she contributes to the house if you are still living with your parents. I got to hand it to you ladies, you have stepped up. Before this role was dedicated to the sons or the youngest brother, but i have noticed that my cousins, stepped up when it was needed too. And gotta say, proud that you ladies have.

I have been struggling to be honest to make time for my parents and grand mother. We do live around 45 minutes away from each other but it has been tough when Kehaan turned up in our life. It was a big change for me and having to juggle with the kiddo, work and my home, i do feel bad not being able to spend more time with my parents.

Nowadays, providing for one home, takes quite a lot from your salary, and what scares me is that, what happens if i am put into a situation where i have to provide for 2 families.

My parents have taken into account that they have to have retirement funds but i would imagine how it would have been if they did not anticipate that.

We are all starting to get settled in our 30s. Right at the age i am today, my dad had his own car, and built his own house and had one kid already. i am keeping up in a way but he was supporting his parents while doing this all along.

Isn’t that scary to think that it only a matter of time to step up. I think it is. And not that i take it as a burden. Not at all but it think of how busy i am already and how i will be able to manage this.

I would like to hear from you guys a bit. Awaiting for your comments, even if you prefer a private message to share your views.


****End of 2018****

The end of a beautiful year – 2018

This year has been a year full of ups and downs.

Career-wise and on a personal level, it has been a rollercoaster. But lets focus on the positive.

First thing first, My Boy, Kehaan was born not long ago. It has been pure joy, and a lack of sleep. But can’t be happier that he is healthy and yes, he looks a bit like me! Yeah Boiiiiiii!

It is one of the greatest feeling to be able to hold your child at the end of the day. That feeling disappears very quickly in the middle of the night for feeding.

Anyway, my post here is about the 2018. I have a bad blogger. I haven’t paid much attention to writing and got busy in my bubble. So lets say for 2019, thats gonna change.

I have to be honest, lots of my blog seems very negative. And i am not a negative person. Far from it. I just tend to be able to write more when itsa negative point than a positive point. That has to change. So lets try to make it make 2019 more positive.

For those who are interesting in participating in my blogs. Send me a private message and ill get back to you.

Incoming Baby

Well as most of you might not know, my wife is expecting and the good news is that my thing works fine as a baby maker as well.

Ever since my close friends found out that i was going to be a father, i had some tips from the ones who were already dads. And there were some weird ones.

But i wanted to give out some tips out from my own experience before and during pregnancy.

First of all my wife and i have been preparing for it for a while. I am a planner. That is, i try to plan for everything. Its weird but thats how i go about everyday. But my wife is not at all a planner. She waits for the last moment to get anything done. Somehow, she managed to prepare for the pregnancy and child before she was too ‘fat’ to even walk. Well we both did but she made most of the decisions on what to buy etc.

While planning to get pregnant, we even started buying things for the baby. YES! We had a baby crib without being pregnant. It was one of the best things to do. We basically had everything prepared so that i didn’t have to spend one huge amount for baby stuffs at once. We got the baby crib, car seat, stroller, cupboards, painted the room, etc. So by the time she was 3 months pregnant, we had already bought the major stuffs in a unisex manner.  And trust me, baby things are expensive. Try to shop around.

There are literally 2 major shops for our convenience. Orchestra and Ah Ling. Orchestra has the brands, the ‘latest’ stuffs. Ah ling is more of the basic stuffs. Few things i bought and thought that would be of relief and was indeed. Is the biberon maker. Yes. Theres is a little machine that you pour the specific amount of water on top, put the milk powder and the bottled milk is at the perfect temperature to feed the baby. And thats all in a matter of seconds. (3 seconds) It helps a lot when you have to do the milk at night and is walking around like a zombie. Where its even tough to count to 3. So its worth the Rs 3,000 (approx) to spend on that.

Steriliser for bottles. I got one for around Rs2,500 which could be used both with electricity and could be microwaved as well. And its big as well. So one can sterilise around 6 little bottle at once. Takes 12 minutes exactly.

Car seat is compulsory for me. When I drive, i see a lot of weirdos on the road. Weird that most of these cars have ‘Royos’. or ‘fearless’ on the back. I saw one today which says Even the fearless fear!’ Thats just dumb.  Aaannyyywayy. If ever a car hits or bumps into urs, you know that your child is protected the best way possible. I even installed a dash cam!!!

The last thing that i would suggest Dads or Fathers to be is to try to spend as much time possible with your kid. You wouldn’t want to let it all on the mother. It affects her and the baby in a lot of ways. Even when you spend time with your kid, you feel the connection. Which will only tighten with time. Mums try to be protective a lot even from the fathers. They feel like they are the only ones who knows the baby. True but my response is “It’s my baby too and am the Father.”

Having a baby is one hell of a step forward in life. I was amazed when i saw my baby for the first time. Like ‘This came from my Sperm!’ amazed. You start seeing common things that you and the baby share. For now, I share the farting and burping abilities with my baby. But still its a similarity that i found. So let’s Fart and Burp together!!

Why are we still talking about feminism in 2018? – By Divya

Whenever I read or I watch a new debate on women’s rights, the funny words of Cheris Kramarae come to my mind; “Feminism is the sudden realisation that women are human beings too”. I laughed louder when a lady friend of mine once told me; “You know it seems like dogs are more loved and taken care of than women in this world.” However, let’s be honest, women in Mauritius do benefit from many rights which are unattainable to so many women in other countries.

I will never forget the story that my grandmother who once told me when she delivered her first child. She has never talked or been to her parents’ house after she got married as it was not allowed at her in-laws. Yet, she did go to their place when she wanted to introduce the new member of the family (thank god my grandpa was a cool chap). However, when her in-laws didn’t see her at home, it was a dramatic scene worthy of a Bollywood movie. She, like all of her other lady cousins and friends, have always learnt that their ultimate role is to be in the kitchen and to look after their family. Now my grandmother used to tell me, how lucky we, today’s daughters are. Our mothers are always ever ready to help out during our hectic office days, we drive to visit our parents whenever we feel like, we Skype, Whatsapp, post pictures together on Facebook, we pay them treats at fancy restaurants, we go to the spa together and sometimes my father would be the stay-over dad when mum is at her parents’ house.

So when I think of real feminism, I think of the times when women fought to get their right to vote, their right to work, their right to hold credit cards under their own names, their right to apply for loans, their fight to outlaw marital rape, their voice against domestic violence, their will to build shelters for those fleeing rape and their continuous fight against sexual harassment at the workplace. We have seen the emancipation of women since those dark times, both on a professional and political arena in our country. We have partially achieved equal pay compared to our male counterparts. Women do work as managers and CEOs even if they are fewer than men. Most of us are surrounded by strong, beautiful, working and independent women who have the right to speak their mind. Even if today my mother keeps on presenting a long list of the most eligible bachelors of Mauritius on my table, she has always been the first to educate my sisters and me about the importance of being financially independent in a world of sometimes ruthless males.  But why are we still talking about feminism in the 21stcentury despite all these achievements? Well, I don’t like wearing dresses or skirts at work and you will always find me in trousers if ever you cross me during my lunch time simply because of the dozens of silly comments I’ll get from males, their dirty looks while I’m queuing at the bus stop or the incessant car honks till I get home.

I don’t consider myself a feminist, that angry, man-hating woman whose ultimate aim is for female domination over men as I firmly believe in human rights for all, including gay rights. If we remember the courage wave of the #MeToo movement, results led to other women condemning other celebrities of their indecent acts but what shocked me the most is the lack of concern and sympathy shown by men. Very few actors or filmmakers tweeted their support to those women. Talking about equal pay is outdated. Will a man support his wife if she gains more money than him or will he be ok if she goes to an overseas mission for a month leaving the kids at his attention or will it be fine to collaborate if the husband is the sexy cook and she the awesome mechanic at home or will it be ever normal if the husband took few months leave to be a stay over dad while the mother works? If you did blink your eyes to any of the above, then yes, we still need to talk about feminism in 2018. It has never been the roles in society that mattered just like gay rights, it is the lack of respect we have for each other. It is the hunger for power and superiority, the fight for always being right at everything and it’s the competitive nature of human beings that make us forget to look at women or any other human with empathy without us having to shout at the top of our voices to claim our rights. It should have been as normal as you feel when you drink a glass of water.



Famous on Facebook much?!

downloadHave you ever noticed that any Girl/Woman, active on Facebook get a tons of likes and comment on their pictures. So i stood back and followed their posts. Pretty easy as they are addicted to posting a picture of everything on a daily basis. So there are some of these dimwit.

  • First chick was a lady. Probably in her near 30s has a boyfriend who is white apparently. So at first she started sharing pictures of her and her boyfriend, which was cute. Then she started with selfies of herself. Obviously we are talking about over 100s likes. Then she started with the live videos of her getting her hair done (very stupid and boring). She was using it as a mirror when she had a big as wardrobe and a big freaking mirror just behind her. She did that a few times and then started putting music on and will occasionally dance a few steps while doing the hair of course. It was boring but one funny thing is that she had a kid. So while doing so, you could see behind her that the little kid of about 2-3 years old, wondering around, touching everything. She didn’t pay the least attention to the baby unless something was dropped by the kid. The next live session was on instagram. It’s ON! Lady graceful started the live by doing her hair. Then choosing a song. She stood up and started dancing which was weird because, she was good. She was practising dancing and the live was just about hair, dance, kid wondering around. It got weirder when she posted a status asking how to get a credit card so that she can promote her page! It was funny but so weird.
  • Second girl. Now this one is interesting. At first I thought she was famous of something. So i followed her on instagram then got on my suggestions as friends. I forgot the reason i followed her on instagram and actually thought it was a friend of mine, baring the same name obviously. This one knew she was pretty girl and would mostly post pic of herself around a swimming pool or in a luxurious car. She seemed coming from a relatively wealthy family, classy. So this is what struck in my mind. About a week ago, the LGBT thing started and the controversy of the LGBT in Port louis was all around the internet. She posted a status, which is very out of the ordinary from her. Normally, while scrolling, i would see her picture and keep scrolling. But that status was an interesting one. It was something like “if a guy is gay, which toilet should he use?” So she got my attention. I decided to check out her profile. This is what appears just below her profile: “I don’t accept friend requests from homosexuals&fake accounts. And I’m not sorry about that… 😂😂😂”. Then i realised that according to her posts, she is trying to look rich and classy. But it’s not the case. she would share jokes that are demeaning. She would change her profile every now and then and restrict past posts and pictures. She is here ( on Facebook) just for the likes and the comments to make her feel better in some ways. 
  • Thirdly. We have the one girl, who is the popular kind on Facebook. She never wrote a single status but shares every now and then the videos about luxurious houses and cars but every single day, she would post a selfie of her. She has a boyfriend and from what she writes, madly in love. She would wear a quite revealing dress or a top, always with a cleavage. Got my attention again! Then i realised that this girl works at the same building where my office is located and crossed paths a couple of times. SHE DOES NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE SHE DOES ON FACEBOOK! Second i realised that the cleavage and revealing clothes, were her putting an arm under boobs and pushing it upwards! That’s the Wonder-bra closest rival right here!

The thing is, i never paid much attention to the number of likes on any of the post. I share funny stuffs, a photo or selfie once a while and never put anything personal on my account. We all have at least 50% on our friend list that just post everything they do on Facebook or Instagram. This is what most of us objectives are. Popularity and being famous on Facebook. If you are getting money out of it, like some of my friends are, then fair enough. But being famous or popular on Facebook or any social network is like being rich with monopoly money. You can do whatever you want with your money only in Monopoly but out in the real world, you are absolutely nothing.

Ladies, have some respect, not everyone need to see you boobs or ass on Facebook. Keep that for you man or men! Guys! You guys are just horny retards. I mean look at your comments. Who does that?! Every gone on Pornhub and watch the comments on a video?? i mean who does that???!


Family has always been my priority. No matter how busy i am, i always try to find time for them. If its not once a week, i make it a must to call or to send a whatsapp by sharing  a couple of pictures or a little joke.

I used to get mad at my uncle who sends me jokes every week or like funny videos which are most of the time not funny. But then i realised that maybe its a way of keeping in touch. I mean what do i have to say to my uncle if i had to call or send him a message. I won’t be conversation rather a brief of my day or week. So why can’t the funny videos or messages that he forwards me can’t be a way that we are in touch.

I now realise that, it does not matter how but being in touch with family and friends in any way is being in touch. if its by sharing a joke then be it.

We have started living in a world where social media provided us an easier way to keep in touch with our friend and family even when they were miles away. But as humans we misuse it. We over do it as usual.

Social media is a marvellous tool. Use it rightly.

Madam The beautiful eyed President

First thing first, lets take a moment of silence for the ones who never had thought so about the President.

I was amongst few who actually never thought that the President was not into these political things. When you think that a woman who looks and talks in such an articulated and middle class way would be capable of so.

However, I thought i would not have to write on this as it should be pretty obvious on what was going on following the article published.

But i stumbled upon a video/article where a guy defending and accusing the President of being bullied by the press instead. Find the link of the article here.

Everything was going pretty much fine when days before our 50th independence day. L’express newspaper published an article showing a bank statement of a platinum credit card own by an NGO set up by a worldwide suspicious banker, A.S, who has recently invested and set up several companies in Mauritius. The platinum card was issued to Madam the President AGF and was used for travelling and purchase of items.

The Consultant in the article mentioned earlier, mentioned that AGF credit card limits to Rs 1M. The consultant mentions that one does not have to provide Rs 1M as deposit to receive that amount. But it is true when it comes personal credit card but when it comes to corporate, which is the case,  the amount has to be provided as deposit to be able to get the limit. I have been through that when it received my corporate credit card so there’s no denying it.

The article also says that the said press published only part of the bank statement but not the part where it shows that the amount was reimbursed. It is true but the fact that the president used the credit card suffice.

What must have gone through AGF’s mind when she decided to use this credit card. Normally politicians use cash. They take bribery in forms of cash instead of bank transactions which can be tracked anytime.

In my opinion, AGF is guilty by using the credit card. Our politicians are paid by tax payers money and it is fair to say that they get paid a lot already.

A person who leads or represents our country worldwide and bring shame to our country must be condemned.

50 Years

We are about to celebrate 50 years of independence of the Republic of Mauritius.

We have indeed achieved a lot over years of being independent. Our grand parents or great grand parents, have witnessed this epical beginning of a wonderful journey for Mauritius. We have a lot to thank for putting Mauritius on the map to begin with.

50 years was bound to be celebrated with the  gorgeous Indian actress Sridevi who just passed away unfortunately. Subsequently we will celebrate it with some politician and make it all grandiosity without a doubt. And considering we positively improved in various ways. We are one of the few countries where there is practically no racism. Yes practically. There are always a few idiots. But majority of us are not racist nor culturally biassed. We do live in harmony. Foreigners would kill to live in a relaxed, snow free, amazing beaches paradise, we call our country. We can compare Mauritius to a number of developed countries and we still can come out on top.

It is true that we failed in many fields too. Politically and culturally no improvements. We have politicians who are ripping us off and it has been the case ever since. Drugs are becoming more and more handy. We are becoming lazy, unwilling to sacrifice for the better of the country, selfish and the list goes on.

Nevertheless we are one great nation and take pride on being Mauritian. 1

2018 – The year of complaints

Well this is my first post of 2018 and i got to admit i was unsure about writing this.

For a number of reason but one being is that ever since we got back to work from the new year holidays, all i could hear was moaning and complaints.

The weather has been awesome for me. I loved it. It’s not that warm these days. However, i do feel sorry for those who are going through a rough patch with the excess of water. But i do feel that most cases could have been prevented. Yes i could have. Lets go through it one by one.

  1. We all know that before with the excess rain, every drain should be cleaned as often as it can be. The Government took initiative to clean the drain to prevent water accumulation across the island. But they did that for how long again?? So this you can blame the Government for not following up on these.
  2. Accumulation of water obviously will do harm to your house if you do not take into consideration that it will keep happening. So what do most people do? Complain that there is water in their house and things have been damaged. Look for compensation or donations to get back to where they were at the very beginning and become completely oblivious to try to fix their house so that does not happen again. You know you have water accumulation problem but you would not fix anything. Weird right?!
  3. Why do i get the feeling that all Mauritian do is complain? Why do you complain to the Government all the time? Why don’t you fix it yourself? Why ask the Government for everything?

I have been talking a lot about the Government of Mauritius but i genuinely feel like the Government is doing a lot already for Mauritians but some just depend too much on them.

The vicious circle of government helping for every little thing is more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

If lets say i am a fisherman. Due to the torrential rain and cyclone i have not gone fishing in my little boat for 10 days in total. So i complain obviously. What does the Government do? Give me a fair amount of money for each day i have not been able to go fishing. Now lets say that i was complaining about not being able to work, and the Government did nothing about it. So ill have to work twice as hard to be able to save money next time in case we encounter cyclone of torrential rain during a specific season or month. Why is that so many people do it already and why can’t i?

Why is it a vicious circle? Because if the Government does not do it now, during election, ‘competitors’ will offer this and include it in their agenda which is an obvious disadvantage for the current government.

This is what happened and it got to the point where instead of working hard and achieving greatness, everyone starts laying back and blame the Government for everything so that they do not have to help.

Now as said previously if I were a fisherman. But do you know that fishermen already get compensation for the time they can’t fish? Yes they do. Now lets say for farmers. Do you know how much farmers get normally? And now what do they want? COMPENSATION for the cyclone and torrential rain. And whats the Government is going to do? deny them for the compensation? Of course not.

This is why Mauritius has become a country filled with lazy people. The lazier it will get for the next generation and there’s nothing you can do about it!


For those who might know already. I am planning on selling Gertrude. She has been a very good companion ever since i got back to Mauritius. I thought about selling her a couple of years ago but i could not let go of her as i was so attached and share incredible memories.

So i am now faced with a dilemma. Which car to get. Obviously for now, as i am planning to renovate my other house, i do not think a brand new car would do justice. Its a commitment that i would prefer to take at a later stage. I love cars but i would prefer to make my new house a cosier place with a great kitchen and living room.

So my options are seconds hand cars.

We all had that dream of buying a club with a friend one day or riding a convertible with a gorgeous lady next to me, cheveux aux vents wearing little clothes and who has amazing long legs and big ‘hearts’. Dream changes. Now i would love to have a nice looking, reasonably fast car but big enough for a day-to-day ride.

Theres the BMW shark which isn’t a bad idea. It is almost perfect. However, it is a high maintenance car, comfy to drive, and good-looking. And you can get one for around Rs 450,000 or less.

On the other hand, you have the 4×4 which i always loved. A truck that you just don’t car and drive anywhere u want. It high which suits me well. Makes you feel that the road belongs to you. However, second-hand trucks are mostly manual gear. And chicks hate manual gear to drive.

I have no idea what to get apart from these two. Or should i just opt for a reliable car which a good market value and drive around with my ‘not so satisfied’ face.

I have been checking out a couple of cars but i could not make mind. It felt like cheating on Gertrude. I guess i have to be courageous and sell Gertrude away once i have done with my good byes.

By the way Gertrude is my car

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