Recently its been all around Facebook. You all know which one i am talking about; The banned advert of Coca Cola. I had the urge to write about this is purely because i have a background in advertising and digital media .Having read a couple of articles focused on the banned advert, i have to … More THE BANNED ADVERT

The Nod™

Theres something that most women don’t know about men. The Nod. Us guys have something we call The Nod. The Nod has not been taught now has been explained to us by our elders nor friends. The Nod comes automatically to each guy. Confused?  Well The Nod is given from a guy to another guy. … More The Nod™


Mahashrivratree. The time of the year where you see the devotee of the Lord Shiva to and from Grand Bassin. As a proud Hindu, born and bred in the Hindu faith, i often hear how people encourages you to pray when you are going through difficulties, pray in every situation when you need help or … More Mahadev..

Malthusian Theory

Recently there was big debate on the recent action by the Government of Mauritius to exterminate thousands of bats. The debate was that it was inhuman to kill the bat even though it was very much of a nuisance to Farmers. How it started, in bref, was that many were discouraged with cultivating fruits especially … More Malthusian Theory