My top 10 Apps

Some use their phone more as a messaging tool. Either it is on Messenger, Facebook or just WhatsApp. Although i do not send a lot of messages, i thought why not share the apps i do find interesting very useful

  1. Facebook

I was off Facebook for a long time and I gotta tell you, you end up not checking you phone except when you hear a messaging or ring tone. I got back on facebook for a couple of weeks and since then, am a lot aware of the news, whats going on around the world and a great way to share my posts from my blog.

2. Netflix

Netflix is awesome. In Mauritius, its been for quite a while that you can sign up on Netflix and It’s not expensive at all. The monthly subscription is around Rs 300 ( $8 -$15) and you can use it on your Smart Tv or Smart Phone/Tablet. It is pretty awesome when travelling.

3. Pinterest

Pin is useful. Whether to keep up fashion wise or just to learn DIY or Ideas for home deco. It has pretty much anything.

4. 9Gag

I use this app normally when i have time to kill or just before bed. you just scroll and find interesting stuffs and jokes that people around the world share.


If you like buying clothes online, ASOS is quite good in variety of clothes and for affordable price.


Love movies? well i kind of like the fact that you can view trailers, upcoming movies and check out the cast and directed etc in any movie you can think of.

7. Sendanyfile

As most of us, we use WhatsApp for communicating with our close ones, friends and colleagues. However, normally on WhatsApp, one is limited to pictures, videos and audio files. Using Sendanyfile, you can send almost anything through WhatsApp. unfortunately, i found it on Android but not on the App store.


There are so many apps out there for sports. Well Score is the best I’ve used. It notifies you 15 mins before your match, news on your team, Formula 1 and Tennis. So worth the try.

9. TuneIn Radio

I think most phone have built-in radios. However, TuneIn give you the option to play it out loud instead of asking you to plug-in your headphones. However, it will need internet connectivity of course.

10. SHAREit

Share anything you want through SHAREit. Even large files.


Feel free to check out these app and let me know what you think.


Shame Them

Last night i was as usual going through news and other websites to stay alert on what was happening at the parliament. I read this article about a Facebook page #shamethem

This page is a must read. I went through all the articles during last night itself. It was almost ‘addictive’ to read the stories and i got so into this that today i have new perception on things that i might have done wrong till now.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 13.51.06This page is about the encounters, well incredibly hard encounters, by women; mostly women in Mauritius.

The first post reminded me of a few friends or acquaintances in some cases.

My Sister is a lawyer who took the path of corporate rather than some of her friends who went towards Criminal Law. I remember one of her friends was working on some criminal cases and noticed he was quite disturbed about his first case he was working on. After a couple of drinks, he finally spat it all out. It was about a 5 months old baby girl who got severe vaginal damage following constant acts from her Father. Yes! FATHER!!! I was shocked. That feeling of how could a father do this to his daughter, baby daughter. it was as if someone bashed my head a couple of times, to make me realise that i do not live on a paradise island after all.

I used to read articles on the 5-plus newspapers and some of them were disturbing. But the most disturbing ones are the ones that are not public. For obvious reason that it could ruin a life of someone.

#shamethem are statements and real life experience that some ladies went through or still going through.

It used to annoy me when i see guys on the street, whistling, singing or making comments to women passing by. I always thought how could a girl find that attractive. It must work! You always see these kind of guys well surrounded with chicks, so obviously  it should work. I still see some of my friends honk when they see a good-looking girl or just a nice ass. So why do they do that? #shamethem. made me realise, what it should feel like to be on the other end at least for most women. A simple honk,  pointless whistle, and an ineffective comment, would make a lady feel so sick, nauseated and disgusted.

To notice that these women face that trauma for years, damaged and unable to speak to anyone about their horrible experience. These statements made it realise that we fight to gender biased, we fight for equal right, but is it a lost cause when there are so many perverts on our streets.

I have not written in here for a while but when i saw this Facebook page, i thought it was something i had to share and hopefully it will change perception of men, educated men.

Do we solve this by educating or by legalising prostitution? By punishing offenders or by asking women to fight back?

Weird things i ate while traveling the last couple of weeks 

  • Crocodile 
  • Bat 
  • Snake
  • Magic mushrooms, yes! The ones that get you high
  • Live crabs
  • Live sea cucumber (barbara for some)
  • Bird. A tiny bird, roasted!
  • Weirdest amongst all was the Penis fish. It looks like a pink, skinless penis shaped like fish. Well they call it fish but its just some sort of worm i guess. Nothing similar compared to mine. Mine is called Stallion for a reason!


It has been a subject of conversation during the past few months in regards to the election for the region of Quatre Bornes and how it politic work in instance in Mauritius.

Lets recap a bit to the General Election in Mauritius of end of 2014 (if am not mistaken). Parti LEPEP won the battle of the elites but most of the population were surprised to see the underdogs winning.

As a matter of fact, the reds were the most popular ones, but following the few incidence in regards to the ‘Marchant Cotomilli’ and the fact that the previous prime minister was craving for more power, the majority of the population opposed to this and thus voted against the political party which made the LEPEP party the winner.

Now comes the Bhadain saga where the mighty minister, who’s aim was achieve senior minister or number 2 position following the step down of Sir. It was unsuccessful which ended up, Bhadain throwing a tantrum. Now this regional election comes to this:


  • Bhadain is arguing against the Metro express, which he was notopposed publicly during his time as minister.
  • The power craving ex prime minister, threw his number 2 into this election as he threatened to overpower him. Thus Mr Cotomilli will go back to hiding in his mansion.
  • The ‘White Rat’ is throwing some guy, due to a clear fight between hindus but will he risk throw a more powerful non hindu?!

So now let the game begins. Its gonna be entertaining to watch, NOT!

Aret Kokin Nou Laplaz

One of the headline for the past week or so has been the election which is more or less the same drama that we have been getting for the last 2 years. One article that came out that was interesting was the fact that a few people from the NGO Area kookie nou laplaz got into an argument with a group of comfy looking South African picnicking on the beach.

So the argument started when the foreigners tried to kick out the NGOs for going on a beach with was a private property.

The Fact that the South African were rude by fending off the NGOs shows that as a business person, they have no tact. Second, We know how South Africans in Mauritius are. They come to Mauritius, buy a property and get the residence here, and behave as if they are superior to the Locals. Personally, i think 90% of the South African residing in Mauritius are too arrogant for their own good. We all saw how they took over some parts of our island. Tamarin, Black River and now the North of the island is getting more South Africanised. But i am personally not against the fact that they come to invest in Mauritius as we know, We need investment. But i am against the fact that they are so arrogant about it. Fleeding their country for obvious reasons, does not mean that they are not welcomed in Mauritius. Its about respect that you show to the country that you are living in. Its about adapting to the culture not making your own, its about being friendly as Mauritians are. In that article, the video shows that they were nothing but arrogant. I mean there is nothing on the beach, they havent even started construction but fended off the local NGOs.

The one thing i didn’t agree with the NGOs was that they went down to their level of arrogance and instigate more arguments with them over and over again. And what the hell did they mention sugar cane fields for investment for hotel. Why would any investors do that? That bit did not make sense to me though.

I have been trying to figure out exactly what these South Africans have been saying but i guess it was too windy to even hear them.

Here is the link to the video anyway.

People’s Republic

Its been quite a while since the last time i wrote here. Time flies. It’s a pretty robotic life we have right here, if you think about it.  Well before i get any more philosophical, i wanted to write about a country i have been visiting for some time now. China.

I have tried to write something about China last year but i was thought let me get the full experience and get to know more about the culture before writing. So i did.

I have been to China quite a lot recently, mainly because a couple of shareholders from our company are from China.

There are so many good things from China and Chinese that i wouldn’t even start listing. But one thing that amazed me the most was the culture. I think Chinese culture resembles a lot like Indian Culture but the only difference is that Indian Culture is fading and Indians are a lot more westernized now. However, China maintains its culture and their tradition. Mauritius’ culture leans more towards Indian culture for the obvious reason that we have more Hindus here. Chinese people show the respect from talking, eating, drinking i mean from every single level. A younger person will always bow to the senior person while talking, the elder eats whatever comes at the table first, the younger person’s glass is always lower than the elder person when they cheer before drinking. The list goes on and on. It is the little things in the daily life that shows the respect.

However, the courtesy while driving is non-existent, the friendliness that people show is general at public places is absent and people to treat the each other by their status, cast or appearance.

I remember, last month i was in a very warm Beijing. So as usual, i was flying from one province to another and was at the airport. You know how airports are usually a place, where you have different languages notices or signs. Well in most airports in China, they have it only in Mandarin. So it took me a good 20 minutes to find my gate to the plane. Forget about asking for direction from people in general, because no a single one will help.

The world’s economy depends on china and personally i bet China is the Superpower. The one and only. Why? Because Chinese have that pride in themselves. Which is exactly what Americans think. But with Americans, they tend to have different perceptions like different of opinions. Whereas in China, they follow their President, Xi Jinping. They also call him the Ruler of China.

You think North Korea was led by dictatorship..

This is what draws the line. Other superpowers have a whole team with the president to lead their country. China has the one. Whatever he says is right.

No matter what we might think, China is the country of the future, like it or not.


Check out the link in here

So today i am writing this just because of a massive prick who wrote something amazingly racist, degrading and dumb really.

I read about a guy who wrote an article of blog thingy about 5 reasons why you should not date indian girls. Yep. u got that right. Why you shouldn’t date any Indian girl.

so here it is.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls

And please check out the commets. Amazing.

Hiring isn’t an easy job

Recently, i have been looking for someone who can assist me at work and help me with the administration work. Admin work can be easy when u get used to it but it take an eternity which i don’t have. Lets cut the crap, i hate doing paper work.

So i have been spreading the word and i got some CVs from friends of friends. Well recently there one thing that hit me when one evening after work while reading the newspaper. i saw one whole page where a  big picture of a girl who tragically passed away in an accident. Then it hit me. This girl was recommended by a friend and wanted to work for me.

Recommended by my friend, i asked her to send me a CV on my email. However, unexpectedly i received a WhatsApp message from that specific girl stating her secondary school results and at the bottom asking for the salary amount.

Well, honestly i was pretty pissed off. How can some girl looking for a job and send me her ‘CV’ through WhatsApp. Rest in peace Miss. But i was furious on what as she was taught or if she was even taught that there is a certain ‘protocol’ to follow when you are applying for a job.

The thing is that these days, its tough to find a hard worker. The hard workers are already working. The ones who try a lot less harder are the one available. And honestly, its like they make it obvious that if they will leave as soon as they find something else.

Before being where i am today, i have struggled  a lot. a lot of rejections, a lot of ungrateful employers but i wanted to work and be successful. When you look at some people who work and have a lot of time in their hands and get a lot of money to spend. There is no good job that way. To get money and be successful, theres always a need to work hard. The ones you see having a fairly good living, no one knows whats behind this. What they go through at work and until u get into their shoes, u will never know.

My advise to everyone out there recently out of college or uni or is unemployed, please look for opportunities to go to a place where u can learn. Learn by being a trainee learn by getting a hard job but not good salary, learn by looking at others work. Once u get that experience, u will get there.

A New Beginning – Marriage

45_img_7452Its been a while since my last blog. Well as some of you might know, the Legendary Ken tied the knot. Its been a life changing decision.

Theres the good side of it and the not so good side as well. The good side is that you are now planning for the future. Future in terms of personal goals and family. Family in terms of building a new one and adjusting to the existing ones. The not so good is that you don’t have that freedom that you once had during your single days. Freedom in terms of nights out, meeting friends on a regular basis. The tough part of marriage is being as one. Each individuals have their own way of doing things and habits. Once you are married, you don’t have that much. it’s now, as the lady would say, ‘our way of doing things and our habits’!!

Once you are about to get married, every married man or woman, make it a must to give you tips. If you heard the tips already, YES its all true. But no one ever mentioned about sleeping to me. Occasionally i used to share my bed or another’s bed. Back to my single days, i was a good sleeper. In terms of not taking much space and quiet sleeper. Thats what i thought at least! i move a lot when i sleep and i snore! i never knew that. I mean no one told me before. So you have to make sure you sleep decently in bed. otherwise, your partner will wake up in a foul mood and that never goes down well.

As a conservative hindu, i never had the opportunity to live with my partner, not even overnight stays. Well my perceptions of this remain unchanged. It has to be changed at some point. Dating someone and living with someone is 2 very different things. Dating someone, mean you date, have dates. It’s a bit of pretending to be honest. But living with someone can make you realize that you have been dating a totally different person. Fortunately i did not get that surprise now gave that surprise to the wifey.

The best tip I was given before marriage is to be life long friends. You wife or husband should be your friend. Do fun things together. Learn things together and give each other space every now and then.

I got married with the aim to stay forever with her and divorce or splitting up is not an option and I think it helps thinking that way. It makes me learn to make her happier (so that i am happy as well), learn to treat her well and have fun together. So no matter what we are going through in our relationship, i will be giving 100% all the time in this. Divorce is too familiar now and it shouldn’t be.

So my tips are:

  1. Make your Wife/Husband your ‘best’ friend.
  2. Happy wife, happy life.
  3. Once you are married, splitting up or divorce is not an option.




Recently its been all around Facebook. You all know which one i am talking about; The banned advert of Coca Cola.

I had the urge to write about this is purely because i have a background in advertising and digital media .Having read a couple of articles focused on the banned advert, i have to agree with the director of the advertising company who intervened and gave his opinion on this matter.

The advert is not a sexual innuendo nor does it project a pornographic visual. Why? Well the coca cola 8oz bottle is well known for its uniqueness. Its a piece of art to be honest and cannot be mistaken for any other 8oz bottle of any other company. With the red lips showing glamour and sophistication does not have any relation to pornography, its just eye catchy.

In my opinion, the consultant who graciously opposed to this advert is very wrong. Women are not to be used as a sexual object but it is a matter of how you perceive the advert. Different people will perceive an images, words, books, movies differently. For example, lets take harry potter, we all know what it is about, however a some read the book or watched the movie differently. Its the same as the Quran, its just a matter of perception. So many movies made posters worse than the coca coca advert and it did sell. The bad ones are the one which shows a degrading form of any human being whether male or female.

Let not beat around the bush and admit that sex sells. Yes it does but it just has to be projected right. There is a thin line between vulgar and sexy, and i am pretty sure that any advertising company know that line very well. The gender consultant who is pretty much happier right now because this actually put her on the map, and i am sure that the same should intervene again to other adverts. But that shouldn’t stop creativity in adverts.



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