The Nod™

Theres something that most women don’t know about men. The Nod.

Us guys have something we call The Nod.

The Nod has not been taught now has been explained to us by our elders nor friends. The Nod comes automatically to each guy.

Confused?  Well The Nod is given from a guy to another guy. And sometimes to women but it just confuse them or take it as flirting.

The Nod is given as a sign of approval, sign of acknowledgement or sometimes just hello.

Us guys do it every now and then to another stranger.

Unspoken but true. The Nod™


A legal or illegal Spliff !

The question is should Cannabis be legalised or criminalised.

At the moment the ‘Rastas’ are using media (mostly social media) to express their anger on the fact that the Cannabis is still illegal. The Prime minister maintains that the legalisation of cannabis will not be happening under his leadership (I bet during the next election, the other parties shall be going for the legalisation to get votes)

Lets see for the Pros and Cons for the legalisation of Cannabis


  • If it is legal and taxable, it have  financially a positive effect  for the Government’s earning.
  • It will decrease or if not probably, eradicate the consumption of synthetic products. (if growing your own tree is legal)
  • Quality and Quantity control for consumption. (If it becomes a commercial product of course)
  • Can implement standard of production (Commercial product)


  • There is no control over amount of consumption. (Can lead to health issues- If you can grown it yourself)
  •  Will Mauritius be a smaller version of the dutch land! (Can we expect a red light district as well?)
  • No quality and quantity control or to regulate standard of production (if you grow it yourself)

I might have missed a few pros and cons (feel free to include in comments).

I for one is against the legalisation of Cannabis. Why? let me explain. I like Mauritius as it is. Meaning the country as a whole. Legalising it would affect the society as lets not forget, it is still a drug. I experienced close ones being addicted to it and it is not pretty sight. I have seen how it makes you switch from reality to your own fairy land. The Rastafarians says that it is a natural plant and it should be legal as it is a plant. But the impacts of legalising it too risky for the society.

There are ways that both parties can come to a agreement. Legalise it but make it commercial. That is, You, as an adult can buy it from a store where it has been cultivated under standards and without pesticides or chemical and you can buy a certain quantity per month and you cannot consume it in public places.



Always be Grateful for what we have


It has been 5 years now that i have been permanently back to the Mother Land, Mauritius. There has been ups and downs, but all of it are experiences i have cherished and obviously learnt from. I remember one specific moment which i would love to share.

One of my passion is photography. Obviously, i am not a professional but i bought a camera (Cannon 500D), which was the basic in the range but it is one good camera to learn from. Born and bred in Mauritius but yet there were so many places which were unfamiliar to me here. So my aim, was to explore everywhere in the island.

My cousins and i, would go for road trips at least once a week. Never planned where we will be going, but we always ended up some place beautiful, especially for me as it was like being a tourist and sightseeing. Camera in hand, battery fully charged (including a spare one), chilled beers in the car booth, what more can you ask for.

One particular day when we headed toward the north of the island, we came across an an abandoned house with a garden filled trees. It was the place where, with the lights coming through the leaves of the trees, made a beautiful view. So we started clicking away.

A little boy (around 7 years old) came to us, wondering what we were doing. We took a couple of pics of him and showed it and he loved it. We continued clicking away when we noticed that the little boy called her sister (who were twins) and humbly asked us if we could take a couple of pictures of them. Little did we know that, the whole family came for us to take their photos.

Then it hit us. These people were poor, and basically never had their photo taken. Nor seen a digital camera. We had a car, a digital camera, smartphones, sunglasses and for us, it was normal. But when you come across people who do not have what you take for granted, it kind of hits you with  a reality check.

So many of us nowadays, have what we think being the bare minimum. A watch, a smartphone, a TV but what we never realise how lucky we are to have have those. We buy things not because we need them, but what we feel is needed because others have it.

I printed the picture of them and dropped it at their place a couple of weeks later. They were so grateful and couldn’t believe that they had their first family portrait (including their dog).



Mahashrivratree. The time of the year where you see the devotee of the Lord Shiva to and from Grand Bassin.

As a proud Hindu, born and bred in the Hindu faith, i often hear how people encourages you to pray when you are going through difficulties, pray in every situation when you need help or a sign from the Almighty, pray for safety, pray to attain wealth, pray for health,  and the list goes on..

Every year single year, when i am around, i make it a must to go to Grand bassin. Despite not being religious kind of guy, i do believe in god (just in case he/she does exist). I take it as a my trip to Grand bassin as a tradition by not even walking but comfortably in my car. Our trip to Grand bassin is fun. There is the free food and drinks, a bit of fun looking around and chatting for hours with the guys.  But most importantly, as soon as we reach our holy destination, we switch to praying mode and the most satisfying thing is that we pray together as One.

One of the things about grand bassin is how there is FOOD and DRINKS (non alcoholic of course) for FREE!!! But on the other side, there is a lack of hygienic bathrooms. My best friend, with whom i go every year, goes nuts on the food when we go to Grand Bassin and as every single year, we take a good hour to find him a toilet or a nice bush for him. EVERY SINGLE YEAR, we go through that.

The colourful Kawars are just awesome. They are gorgeous to look at but what i hate about it, is that we (hindus) are inconsiderate towards other, towards our community itself.  Kawar  should be built at the right size so we avoid troubling others on our way. Instead of being creative and respectful to our God, we put loud music (remixof bhajans??) and flirt all the way to our lake.

My religious is, being righteous. Any Hindu should be proud of farming part in this community. We are amongst ver few communities that have fun festivals. Holy and Diwali are just the two more common ones. How we celebrate it? By praying, fasting and spend time and money by lighting up our house and giving sweets away.

In my opinion, this is not how we are meant to celebrate. These festivals are meant to celebrate with laughter and pride. To make new friends, new acquaintance. To share the joy. To be generous. To remember the act of faith of Hanuman to Ram and Sita (thats a bit extreme to rip you chest out but am talking about the gesture). To sing. To dance.  To put colours in our dull and monotonous lives.

We are one of the oldest religion in history. We are numerous but yet we are strangers towards each other instead of being friendly. original


Malthusian Theory

Recently there was big debate on the recent action by the Government of Mauritius to exterminate thousands of bats. The debate was that it was inhuman to kill the bat even though it was very much of a nuisance to Farmers.

How it started, in bref, was that many were discouraged with cultivating fruits especially during the end of the year where all the fruits like mango and lychees were almost up for grabs. Unfortunately, it attracts several animals feeding off them. Subsequently the Government acted by killing off thousands of bats so that the farmers to not face this ‘nuisance’ and can continue their daily job.

Killing off or exterminate are aggressive words but the right words in this context.

High unemployment or static ,if i might say, economic growth of Mauritius are the main issues that our generation and future generation. We face the problem of depreciation of the currency and therefore our purchasing power decreases.

If the bat problem could have been tackled in any other way, i would be all for it. However, the barbaric manner of shooting thousand of them was probably the last resort. If it was not tackled soon, we would have the issue of people going to extremes to get rid of them, or a substantial increase in prices of fruits around Mauritius and even to countries where we export them. We would have farmers discourage in farming these fruits, giving another burden to the society and to the government.

Please bare in mind, i am NOT affiliate to any political party. Neither support any party. I support growth. We all know that each and every political party are alike.

Some of you must wonder why the Malthusian Theory. Well here we are. My father mentioned it a while ago and i actually did some research on it. Malthusianism is basically about the control of population growth. Well we have not reach the level where we need to control our population in Mauritius, but i am talking more of a global aspect towards animals. Realistically, if we do not control animal or inspect living in our planet, they would outgrow humans. If not, well, its gonna be like planet of the apes except its not going to be any apes but every animal that can harm us.

Alright, i went a bit cinematographic on this one. But its something we should be aware of. malthus_graph

I am an animal lover, i love everything about them. But i am also human, which means, i look for the best for the humans. I am against cruelty of animal as we all seen in the viral video of people harming them. But i am for control. ❤


Growing up isn’t fun!

In 2015, i have been blessed in many ways. It has been a year filled with several life changing experiences.

Social Life:

My social life includes my close ones, family and friends. I realised that during 2014/15, my friend circle has changed. The ones i got along with before are now friends instead of close friends. With time, you realise that these friends are phases friends, which you basically get along well at a certain period then you put these friends in a different atmosphere or environment, it just doesn’t click.

Work life:

Work has been very enriching. I found out so many things about myself. My weaknesses and strength in a working environment.

As some of you might know that i have change my career field. So it has been tough as i have studied and trained to do a certain thing when i was given targets a goal each month. However when you are the one in charge, you own the business yourself, you are a lot harder on yourself. I dont think there is a recipe for succeeding being a business person, you constantly learn from your mistakes, from your experience.


On a personal level, i have changed in many ways.

I used to be a straight shooter. Used to? i still am. But now i know when to shut up and listen. It seems that i have become a more tolerant person. i think its part of growing up. one learns to handle things, people, circumstances, confrontations..

I used to have goals in life, my goals changed drastically the last 2 years. What i want to achieve, what i want in my life.


Since my last blog, i have tried to write a few things, but none of them made sense. it was more trying to come up with something to post rather than write something meaning fun.So here is a small update on my thoughts.







My Hero My Father

10005851_10154003365120314_1814840008_oFathers are always protective, always on the look out for you, for his family, for his loved ones.

I always idolised my father and always will.

Whoever in my age group can relate to what i feel.

Remember what you couldn’t do, your father did it in a blink of an eye.

Remember how strong he was?

Remember his anger?

Remember how he will do anything to make you happy?

I am on my late 20s and i still do not realize that my old man is getting old.

I still expect him to do what he was doing 10 years ago.

I think consciously, i am in denial.

I don’t want my dad to grow old.

I want my dad to be as he used to be, since i was a kid.

I realized that most of us do not realize that our parents are getting older. We always say that we need to be there for our parents when they grow old, either some goes with it as tradition or culture, or do it as a ‘duty’ but some do it because they just care.

Our Parents needs us, but they prefer play a low-key role in our life as we get older.

Some of us, don’t even realize how lucky we are to have them by our side, guiding us. Some of us, prefer ‘socialising’ with friends on our free time, but never realize that we owe them some of our time too. Some of us do not realize that at home, there are some chores that they can no longer do, yet they make the effort and let you rest. We will all miss our parents when they will no longer be by our side, but what’s more important is if you are by their side now? Are we?

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