A New Beginning – Marriage

45_img_7452Its been a while since my last blog. Well as some of you might know, the Legendary Ken tied the knot. Its been a life changing decision.

Theres the good side of it and the not so good side as well. The good side is that you are now planning for the future. Future in terms of personal goals and family. Family in terms of building a new one and adjusting to the existing ones. The not so good is that you don’t have that freedom that you once had during your single days. Freedom in terms of nights out, meeting friends on a regular basis. The tough part of marriage is being as one. Each individuals have their own way of doing things and habits. Once you are married, you don’t have that much. it’s now, as the lady would say, ‘our way of doing things and our habits’!!

Once you are about to get married, every married man or woman, make it a must to give you tips. If you heard the tips already, YES its all true. But no one ever mentioned about sleeping to me. Occasionally i used to share my bed or another’s bed. Back to my single days, i was a good sleeper. In terms of not taking much space and quiet sleeper. Thats what i thought at least! i move a lot when i sleep and i snore! i never knew that. I mean no one told me before. So you have to make sure you sleep decently in bed. otherwise, your partner will wake up in a foul mood and that never goes down well.

As a conservative hindu, i never had the opportunity to live with my partner, not even overnight stays. Well my perceptions of this remain unchanged. It has to be changed at some point. Dating someone and living with someone is 2 very different things. Dating someone, mean you date, have dates. It’s a bit of pretending to be honest. But living with someone can make you realize that you have been dating a totally different person. Fortunately i did not get that surprise now gave that surprise to the wifey.

The best tip I was given before marriage is to be life long friends. You wife or husband should be your friend. Do fun things together. Learn things together and give each other space every now and then.

I got married with the aim to stay forever with her and divorce or splitting up is not an option and I think it helps thinking that way. It makes me learn to make her happier (so that i am happy as well), learn to treat her well and have fun together. So no matter what we are going through in our relationship, i will be giving 100% all the time in this. Divorce is too familiar now and it shouldn’t be.

So my tips are:

  1. Make your Wife/Husband your ‘best’ friend.
  2. Happy wife, happy life.
  3. Once you are married, splitting up or divorce is not an option.




Published by Ken Jooseery

Well i have long thought of having my own blog or website to be able to share my point of view, my experiences, encounters, my passion, and mainly a platform to express myself. This spot is all about this. From my experience to point of view in general is what you will get.

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